Our team have been specialising in Renovation and Construction work since 1989.

We are multi-disciplinary organisation registered with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) with builder license. Currently, our business operations are largely based in Singapore focusing on new construction projects as well as upgrading projects, institutional, private residential projects and commercial projects. We also have an entire line of exclusive biowood products.

Our Services:

Turkey Contractor, Design & Build, Demolition, Piling, Foundation, Structural, Architectural & Interior Designing to Completion.

Building Construction & CivilĀ  Engineering

We are highly experienced Civil Engineering team known through the Building & Construction Industry for providing outstanding service and customer support. During our years in business, we have been involved with many well-known and highly successful projects.

Biowood Products

We also have a division focusing on German Technology Biowood which has over 50 years of R & D which is also more suitable for our tropical climate. We have been awarded SGBC Green Mark certification for our products too. With our multiple profiles, we are constantly developing improved profiles to meet the growing demands!

Design & Build

Scheduling the individual phases of the construction process, sourcing the right materials at the right price, using the proper tools & equipment, hiring people with the necessary skills - we do it all, and we do it well. From conception to completion, we have the experience and ability to make any building project a success.